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  • Fancy Decaf Mongos Coffee

    Fancy Decaf

    We don’t let our decaf-drinkers down. This medium roast blend can hang with the best of them. While most decafs fall short on taste, we don’t compromise with this two-bean blend. Fruity with hints of blackberry and currant. Our decaf will have you wondering “how is this decaf?!” So good you can’t taste the difference.

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  • Guatemala Mongos coffee

    Guatemalan Antigua

    High in the Sierra Madres the volcanic soil, rich in minerals and nutrients, produce the outstanding flavors unique to this region. Our Los Volcanoes Antiguan coffee brings caramel notes to the palate and finishes with deep, subtle hints of honey, melon and lemon. This coffee is grown on small plots at elevations nearing 5,000 feet on the slopes of the Sierra Madres between two volcanoes. Guatemalan coffees are Strictly Hard Bean and have a wonderful acidity.

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  • Harpers Blend Mongos coffee

    Harpers Blend

    This four-bean blend is reminiscent of our four-legged friend, Harper. He is strong and bold, yet mellow. And that’s just how we like our coffee! Harper’s Blend is our signature blend that is friendly to everyone. Smokiness and a rich body invoke a long lingering finish. It’s multi-Bean DNA provides multiple layers of flavor & aroma.

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  • House Blend Mongos Coffee

    House Blend

    Great drinkability and flavor with balanced acidity. Hints of chocolate and berry are evident in the aroma. This custom blend really “brings it” with its satisfying boldness and smooth subtle finish. We take our superior French Roast and compliment it with bright, crisp coffees from Africa. This blend is sophisticated with a touch of elegance!


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  • MONSOONED MALABAR Mongos coffee

    Indian Monsooned Malabar

    This is a mellow coffee that has earthiness with hints of baking chocolate and spice. We bring these beans to a Full City roast to bring out the character hidden beneath its weathered exterior. This process known as monsooning, duplicates the early days of shipping coffees in old wooden ships. These ships leaked a bit and the salty sea water would alter the coffees flavor and appearance. This coffee has great depth and a wonderful finish, it tastes like no other and is very unique.

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  • KENYA AA Mongos coffee

    Kenya AA

    With full body and sharp, lively acidity, Kenya AA delivers a surprising winey flavor evocative of black currants. This medium-roasted, Kenyan coffee is denoted by the grade AA, meaning it is large in size as well as flavor. With its definitive acidity and heavy body, Kenya AA is layered with hints of fruit, giving complex sweetness with a pungent aroma. This bean is grown at high altitudes which allows it to fully mature.

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