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  • 82 Rome St Mongos coffee

    82 Rome

    This was where it all started, a small roaster, some passion and a love for espresso. 82 Rome is an Italian style espresso made with 6 select coffees that encompass all things good about blended coffees. This is a post roast blend where each coffee is roasted separately and then mixed together. This amplifies the effect of each coffee in the blend.

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  • Black and Tan Mongos Coffee

    Black & Tan

    A great everyday coffee that is pure & simple. An iconic blend that encompasses all the things we love about coffee. The elegance of our dark roast Black Lab partnered with the delightful nuances of a light roast. Normally associated with light & dark beer, this blend facilitates its own notes of caramels and tartness to justify its hearty heritage. This is a well-rounded, delicious blend that really embraces the craft of post-roast blending and the art of micro roasting.

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  • Black Lab Mongos Coffee

    Black Lab

    Afraid of the Dark? Don’t be, embrace your dark side! If you like your coffee dark and velvety… this is the blend for you. This is a unique dark roast. We put more emphasis on developing the caramels and chocolates in this long “low & slow roast.” This nullifies the bitterness and burnt taste generally associated with darker roasts. Black Lab obviously shows our affection for Labradors but is mostly just a cool name for our dark roast coffee!

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  • BRAZIL CERRADO Mongos coffee

    Brazilian Cerrado

    Full Flavored, Rich, Smooth, and Chocolaty with a smoky finish. This Brazilian Cerrado is clean and bright. You will experience a pleasant aroma and a mild, smooth flavor in this premium South American coffee. The profile of this coffee makes it a great candidate for our famous French Roast. This particular Brazil Cerrado coffee is grown in the Cerrado region of the Minas Gerais state, the largest coffee producing state in Brazil. High temperatures, rich mineralized soil and consistent rainy seasons make Brazil a prime growing region.

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  • D XSPRESSO Mongos coffee

    D Xspresso

    This is a full flavored, satisfying espresso. With its big body, caramel-fudge notes and thick lasting crema, it’s sure to please the most discerning aficionados. We start with our delicious Fancy Decaf and roast it to espresso perfection. The result is an extraordinary “decafeinato” espresso that has no compromise or regrets.

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  • ETHIOPIA HARRAR Mongos coffee

    Ethiopian Harrar

    The birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia produces some of the most interesting coffees in the world. Defined by its wildly sharp tanginess and thick-bodied liquor. Harrar is one of the oldest cultivars of Arabica coffees, Long- berry beans from the region are grown at extremely high elevations. We roast this Ethiopia Longberry light to elicits bold, complex flavors with a floral aroma. With a sharp, winy acidity this coffee proves to be stimulating to the senses, and because of its sweet, fruity notes the finish is absolutely remarkable

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