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  • Black and Tan Mongos Coffee

    Black & Tan

    A great everyday coffee that is pure & simple. An iconic blend that encompasses all the things we love about coffee. The elegance of our dark roast Black Lab partnered with the delightful nuances of a light roast. Normally associated with light & dark beer, this blend facilitates its own notes of caramels and tartness to justify its hearty heritage. This is a well-rounded, delicious blend that really embraces the craft of post-roast blending and the art of micro roasting.

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  • Black Lab Mongos Coffee

    Black Lab

    Afraid of the Dark? Don’t be, embrace your dark side! If you like your coffee dark and velvety… this is the blend for you. This is a unique dark roast. We put more emphasis on developing the caramels and chocolates in this long “low & slow roast.” This nullifies the bitterness and burnt taste generally associated with darker roasts. Black Lab obviously shows our affection for Labradors but is mostly just a cool name for our dark roast coffee!

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  • Fancy Decaf Mongos Coffee

    Fancy Decaf

    We don’t let our decaf-drinkers down. This medium roast blend can hang with the best of them. While most decafs fall short on taste, we don’t compromise with this two-bean blend. Fruity with hints of blackberry and currant. Our decaf will have you wondering “how is this decaf?!” So good you can’t taste the difference.

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  • Harpers Blend Mongos coffee

    Harpers Blend

    This four-bean blend is reminiscent of our four-legged friend, Harper. He is strong and bold, yet mellow. And that’s just how we like our coffee! Harper’s Blend is our signature blend that is friendly to everyone. Smokiness and a rich body invoke a long lingering finish. It’s multi-Bean DNA provides multiple layers of flavor & aroma.

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  • House Blend Mongos Coffee

    House Blend

    Great drinkability and flavor with balanced acidity. Hints of chocolate and berry are evident in the aroma. This custom blend really “brings it” with its satisfying boldness and smooth subtle finish. We take our superior French Roast and compliment it with bright, crisp coffees from Africa. This blend is sophisticated with a touch of elegance!


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  • Serengeti Mongos Coffee


    Grown on the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the three coffees that make up this blend are all from the same continent but are worlds apart in flavor and profile. We lightly roast these beans separately to keep them honest and true to origin. This blend embodies a fantastic winey complexity. Serengeti delivers everything and more for the light coffee drinker in us all.

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